The Creators

"Working went on to become a very successful show all over the country in regional theaters. I came to grasp that, if I do my work well enough, there will be an audience somewhere. It may not hit on Broadway, but somewhere it will find an audience and have a life; that is why one does these things." - Stephen Schwartz (Kasha 265)

Cast, crew, and creatives attended a tour of US Pipe in Bessemer. The group witnessed the pipe manufacturing process and discussed working with some of the engineers. 

The cast meets with Bart Maddox and Thomas Mathis, ironworkers from Local No. 92. 


Working: The Musical Dramaturgy

Director Valerie Accetta brought in research images from watercolor artist, Mary Whyte's, book Working South to inspire designers and actors. Several other images from this book are featured on this site.

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